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About me, À propos de moi, know how I started.



Billow Design

I am Billow!

I am a mother and a grandmother. My own grandmother taught me a long time ago how to knit, crochet and sew but it wasn’t until my first granddaughter asked me to make doll clothes that I got back into it.

From that moment, the passion resurfaced and I wanted to make fun stuff for my beautiful princesses and for all children.

I love the magic that surround children, the magic they create. They are the inspiration behind Billow Design.



I am Marie-L.

I had my head full of ideas and it was only when I met Joanne that I dared to accomplish them.

I am a mother not very manual but who learns quickly and who easily jumps in the water!

The desire to change my habits of consumption push me to resume sewing and to pass on to others the importance of recycling to save our planet.

One gesture at a time. Are you joining us?


The story of Billow

and of

Billow and Marie-L. Upcycled me

When two very different women meet and decide to unite their passions, different but complementary, it creates Billow & Marie-L. have restyled me.

Billow, making beautiful sewing and knitting items and Marie-L. the owner of a second-hand shop decided to unite and make items from items found in the little shop Marie-L.

Out of this meeting was created an extraordinary association and was born an unimaginable friendship.

Welcome to our universe!